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Every chapter of your story, the good, bad and everything in between has shaped your heart - your accomplishments and failures, joys and pains, gains and losses, your dreams and fears… From chapter to chapter, you became the person who rose to the occasion, who defeated the odds, who wouldn’t take no for an answer, who learned to give yourself grace, and who learned to love yourself so you could love others better. Within your story is the possibility for you to find exactly who you were created to be. 

Every story matters™

No matter what your story looks like, it matters. In fact, we believe it has endless power to connect, to heal, to give hope. 

Every person has a story and every story has a name, so let’s treat humans like humans. Your story shows you what you're capable of and gives others hope. Let's use our stories to find compassion and connection with others.

Cordevie is a community united by getting active and taking action. We believe courage is contagious and the power to change the world lies within your heart.

The Cordevie heart represents the heart of life - the beautiful, the brutal and the courage to Embrace Your Story™, to live your truth